Can you ever return to Greatness?

There is I believe a great fallacy in the idea that British exit from the EU can restore our independence and the suggestion that it's the way back to putting the GREAT in Great Britain. It's the idea that you can return to greatness. 

Its a fallacy that also lies behind the argument in so much of Trump's  campaign in the USA. its more than sad then that the populism of both the #Brexit campaign and Trump's primary campaign was so centred on the folly of such a quest. 

It of course brings into question the nature of the greatness that once was. if it was to do with having ruled much of the world then I reject it, and dont even want to think about going back there. If it's to do with military power then I reject it even more strongly. If it's to do with economic strength then that greatness never really benefited most of those who chose #Brexit.  If however the greatness was in moral greatness I'm interested. Of course that greatness was only ever even then relative, maybe we were a bit less horrible than the other colonial powers. If it was even to do with God's blessings then the same, since the Biblical pattern is that one is blessed in order to be a blessing ** - and whatever blessing we brought was sadly mixed with less than good. These same questions would apply to whatever greatness is wrapped up in the US story. 

if greatness is about moral goodness or God's blessing, can you ever go back there? No, you seek that goodness once again. You get on blessing others so you might be blessed. You don't get that greatness by "independence" alone. Or big armies. Or business. 

No, a return to greatness is a fallacy. And the meaness of spirit, the self centredness, the nationalism and worse, so evident in much of the campaign was no more than a dream. 

We can only be great if we show ourselves worthy of greatness. 

But I don't write this now to moan. I write it in the reality that we are setting off on a new path and whatever I like or dislike as someone called to peacebuilding and reconciliation my vocation is more needed than ever.  We can forge greatness out of the chaos of this hour. But we need to know that greatness does not lie in the #Brexit camp. ( Addendum:  Nor of course for all the same reasons does it lie in #Remain.) 

Greatness lies in all of as people of good will pulling together and saying we will make this work. For the sake of our all in our nation, whatever their identity, ethnicity or religion. For the sake of Europe. And the sake of the world. 


** Based in Gods promise to Abraham in Genesis 12.2-3

  I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.