A good verdict in Luton

Whatever your political or religious beliefs it is totally unacceptable to go up to a young woman with her children and abuse her.  

A judge at Luton magistrates court just found Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First, guilty of religiously aggravated harassment and of wearing a Britain First uniform during a so called "Christian Patrol" in Luton on January 23rd this year. She was fined a total of £1920.00 including costs for both counts. The judge told Ms Fransen that her behaviour was not acceptable, and in recognising the trauma brought to that young woman and her children said there was little she could do to put things right other than impose a restraining order on harassment of the victim through further use of video footage of the event. She said that Sumayya Sharpe was a credible witness and showed great compassion for her and the way she was treated. Ms Sharpe had expressed in her evidence upset that she lost her cool towards the end of the encounter, but that it was a result of a long run in period during which she'd been targeted by BF. To be fair Ms Fransen also said in court that she got wound up during the incident, though this was not the way she has presented it in previous videos talking of the incident. 

I've written about the incident in several posts on this site and what we did in response. Paul,Golding pleaded guilty in Late July to the same charge of wearing political uniform. The judge spoke of the way several witnesses, including both the Roman Catholic priest and Anglican Vicar of Bury Park, identified it as a uniform. She said the effect of the uniform was to cause alarm on those seeing the 20 or do BF activists marching brandishing crosses through Bury Park. 

Well this might just be the last we hear of BF in Luton for a while. We will see. It's a good verdict! 


There was more good news news yesterday when Paul Golding was called in for breach of his High Court injunction (post above in August)  


more in the IBTimes.  

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